Saturday, 6 December 2014

Affordable Lipsticks

Hello everyone! So every girl loves lipstick, right? But if you're on a budget it can be hard to find some that are reasonably cheap but still good quality. This is why I'm so happy I discovered Avon lipsticks!
For anyone that doesn't know Avon is an American international manufacturer and direct selling company in beauty, household, and personal care categories. (yes, I got that from Wikipedia because I didn't know how to explain it) 
I was flicking through my Avon magazine when I came across the lipstick section and found that they had an amazing range of colours and at only £7.50 each, they are a bargain!
(From left to right: Ripe Papaya, Toasted Rose, Knock out Pink, Scarlet Siren, Lava Love and Apricot Glamour)

The Avon true colour lipsticks have 3 finishes and I decided to try some of each. I purchased two soft matte colours in Lava Love and Toasted Rose (which is my personal favourite of them all!), three satin finishes in the colours Scarlet Siren, Knock out Pink and Ripe Papaya and finally one shimmer lipstick in the colour Apricot Glamour.
(From left to right; Ripe Papaya, Toasted Rose, Knock out Pink, Scarlet Siren and Lava Love. Bottom: Apricot Glamour)

When they arrived I was pleased to see that the product packaging was sturdy but chic and they looked expensive. The shimmer lipstick had different packaging but was still, none the less, beautiful.
The colour pay off of the lipsticks are great and the they last for hours on end, although I would say the soft matte ones would need to be touched up more often.
Overall I was extremely happy with the lipsticks I purchased and would love to try some more Avon products!
Let me know in the comments if you have tried any Avon lipsticks or if you know of any other affordable lipsticks to try.

Also I would really appreciate it if you would let your friends and fellow make-up lovers know about my blog and leave a link to your own blogs in the comments and I'll be sure to check them out!
Lots of love
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