Sunday, 14 December 2014

All About My Hair

Hello everyone! It's an endless struggle trying to get you hair exactly how you want it. Most people dream of thick, shiny, Rapunzel length locks but don't know how to achieve them. 
Back when I was about 15 I wanted to change up my boring hair (that I had never dyes before) and I saw that alot of celebrities had been sporting the ombre trend and wanted to give it a go.
So with high hopes, I went to my local drugstore and purchased the Loreal preference Wild Ombre hair colouring kit. My cousins girlfriend is a qualified hair dresser so I entrusted her with the task of dying my hair and after an hour or so of bleaching it was done. I was ecstatic with the results and the next day at school I got loads of compliment on it. Everything was well and good until I started to realise the bleach had dried the ends of my hair and it was becoming very weak and straw like.

(I'm on the left and yes this is a terrible photo)
About 7 months later a few days before my 16th when the ombre had started to fade considerably I re-dyed my hair back to my natural auburn /brown colour. My hair had grown a lot by then and I was happy with the length, but the colour was still not what I wanted and on New Years Eve I decided to go darker (black in fact). My best friend Mikayla helped me dye it in her kitchen ad I remember her saying " oh my God, Lucy, it's so dark!!" but I didn't mind and I absolutely loved it... for around 4 months until I became bored again (yes, I change my mind easily)
 My next idea was a dark blonde and I must say it wasn't the best idea I've ever had! I spend a good few months with the help of many dye kits trying to get my hair to go blonde but it wasn't having any of it and as a result of the messy patchy hair I now had I had no choice but to re- ombre it AGAIN (by this point my hair needed a serious chop and some therapy!) 
By the time prom came around in June of 2014 my ombre had completely faded and although my hair was really long it was so unhealthy that I had no choice but to cut it off, back to it's length when I first dyed it in 2013.
 I was heartbroken but I decided to make it my mission to repair my hair and in the past 6 months I've tried everything, Argan oil, Hair masks, Scalp massaging, leave in treatments and much more! Now in December 2014 nearly 2 years later my hair is so healthy and long and I'm really happy with it. All I really did differently was not dye it, wash it around every 3 days because it's important to let your hair soak in it's natural oils (if you don't like the sound of that you could always try dry shampoo) and lay off the heat because I used to be a styling tool addict! When you're trying to get your hair healthy braids are your best friend
I've always had thin hair and it's quite annoying so I am thinking about trying out the 'HairBurst' hair supplements because I've heard so many good reviews about them and hopefully that will thicken up my hair.
Other than that, I'm happy with how my hair looks and feels. It's never been healthier and my top tip would be lay off the bleach!
Sorry this is quite a long post but I tried to make it as simple as possible. I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know in the comments how you keep your hair healthy and silky smooth!
Lots of love

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